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Pirate fail

Day 3

We started our morning with quite a surprise...the boys slept in! It was 9:30 and we had to wake them up or we would miss breakfast..this time change is working in our favor for sure!!! We played in the hotel playground and petting zoo again before heading out to see Kilkenny. We strolled down "Medieval Mile" which is the Main Street, where the streets are lined with brightly colored shops and the sidewalks are cobblestoned. We ended the walk at the Kilkenny castle. It's a lovely castle with a huge green park and of course a playground for kids. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of playgrounds. But seriously the playground was awesome, I don't know why we can't have playgrounds like these at home. We headed to the castle fountain with Bennett to make a wish. A nearby lady gave me her two cents...no like she literally gave me two cents for Bennett to throw into the fountain. He says he wished for a "Dino". Our time in Kilkenny was over and we were on our way. We are on our way to Killarney today but it's a long drive so we broke it up and stopped at the "Rock of Cashel". This is a bunch of medieval buildings that were once used by kings then the church that lie on a large limestone rock. Apparently it originated after St. Patrick banished Satan from a cave...I'm not sure I get the logistics of this. It was nice to see but it was very windy at the top and Bennett has decided he hates wind and pretty much cried as wind blew in his face until we got back down. We drove the rest of the way to Killarney. Bennett may or may not have car sickness. I gave him a coloring book and between that and the winding roads (and Tyler's driving) he said he felt sick a few times and we had to stop but it seemed to settle. Hopefully he doesn't actually have car sickness! Otherwise this trip is going to be trouble. We ended the night at our new hotel apartment. It's currently a school break in Ireland for Easter (they have 2 weeks off) so the hotels have a lot of kid friendly activities. Tonight they were having a "captain jacks disco show"...so we thought that would be fun. It was not. As soon as the pirate came out to start the show (a big scary man), Bennett started crying and shaking and wanted to leave...sooo that was the end of that. Tyler and I had drinks with dinner tonight. IMG_1127.jpg90_IMG_1139.jpg

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Hungry hungry hippos

Day 2

Tyler is starting to get a hang of the driving. The car keeps beeping though and after awhile Tyler realized it was a warning to tell you that you have crossed over the line and drifting into the the oncoming lane to what feels "normal". We are starting to hear the beeping less. The scenery is awesome, rolling green fields, daffodils, sheep and cows. Our first stop was Glendalough which is a valley with two lakes with an old monastery built there (built in the 600's). We did a little hike there and tried to have our first Irish meal. We are pretty hungry because we haven't eaten since dinner the night before really and so went to a restaurant affiliated with the park but after 20 minutes of waiting and noone even acknowledging us, while Bennett is jumping around, and taking his shoes and socks off we decided to leave and just get a sandwich off the snack carts outside. Worst sandwich we have ever he...seriously. Bennett is loving life right now. He loves the sheep scattered around and the little streams to throw rocks or flowers into. Our next stop was Kilkenny which is where we stayed overnight. We will see more of it tomorrow. I was a little disappointed that the hotel I chose was outside the Main downtown area but I quickly remembered why I chose it. We could have stayed here the whole trip, it was totally geared towards kids. It had a petting zoo outside and you guessed it, it had pigs! (For those who don't know, Bennett is obsessed with pigs). They also had a great playground, go karting with a tricycle, and a fairy trail (don't worry pops, there were also elves and gnomes). I'm worried Bennett is going to think all the places we stay should have all these animals! We had dinner a my a pub and we are all heading to bed. Tyler and I feel very tired from the overnight flight but Bennett is bouncing off walls full of energy, but at least no tantrums I guess! Clark is doing well, napping the car which is awesome and not really complaining much :). Thanks for joining us today, I'm going to try to attach pictures. 90_IMG_1419.jpgIMG_1422.jpgIMG_1133.jpg90_IMG_1157.jpg90_IMG_1149.jpg

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And we're off!

Day 1


So it's been awhile but we are back to blogging! It's mostly because I was reading through some of our old blogs and I think I'm really funny. We are tackling Ireland this time around! Our travels aren't as adventurous as they used to be but hopefully it's not a disaster! We took an overnight flight last night and it couldn't have gone any better. Clark and Bennett slept almost the entire flight right up until we landed and got to the gate, not one tear from anyone. Tyler had to threaten Bennett that "the sharks in the ocean are going to bite you if you don't fall asleep" and so Bennett fell asleep immediately after that. Everything about airports is exciting for Bennett right now so it was very entertaining. We picked up our rental car and ran into our first hiccup. I booked the car for pick up yesterday...oops! It's ok we still got a car. It took about an hour to figure out how to put the car seats in, I think Tyler was just about to lose it and the only way the stroller fits in the trunk with our luggage is if it's completely taken apart, ie. wheels off and everything. We are on our way to our first destination. Tyler's is driving on the wrong side of the road and has only hit the curb once...it's only been 20 minutes though. He got tire insurance thankfully. He seems a little stressed about the driving and has a bead of sweat on his forehead right now as I'm writing this. Ok the scenery is great so off we go!

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